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Hello everybody,

I just joined this board and i am hoping to find some advice and support on what i am going through at the moment.

I have been with my boyfriend for 12 months. It has not been a easy relationship alot of arguments. We split up for a week and then got back together but i have no noticed we are no longer close anymore. Usually when we have split up and got back together we have been happy but i feel like now we have properly grown apart. He does not come over to me to be loving. I do all the going to's for love but i have given up as i don't feel that i should make an effort and he doesn't. He made an effort 2 nights ago we had a lovely evening with romance and i DO appreciate that but before and even after that evening there is just nothing. I do not feel like a girlfriend to him. I think i am starting to fall out of love aswell as i am resenting him for been hot and cold towards me. When his friends visit he is really really off with me with a little attitude and extremely distant. I have confronted him and told him how i feel and nothings changed. I have asked him also ''Do you feel like we have drifted apart because i do and if you don't want me and with me out of habit please just tell me and i am willing to go''. He just said it will take time to get our relationship happy but how when i don't see much effort from his side apart from that one night (2 nights ago). I just keep thinking of what want from life. A husband who loves me properly and children but i do not feel like i will get it with him. I am confused what to do as i still love him but feelings are fading. I keep thinking is he right that time will make things okay or is there no point as not much is happening now.

HELP :-(

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