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Re: My husband...
May 31, 2001
Hey, IMO what a good man would do is one of two things:
1. Tell you the real deal (your husband apparently did at least that much) and then get out on the best terms possible between the two of you - assuming that'd be OK with you. Then he'd have to just suck it up and deal with seeing the kids when he can.

2. Not have said anything to begin with an appreciate your good qualities.

Let's face it, relationships can and do change. Sometimes that change is for the better, sometimes for the worse. My feeling is that "staying together for the kids" sake" doesn't really help either of you, and may even not be the best thing for the kids.

It won't be easy, but you may have to take some initiative in this situation. Follow your heart and, as a former SO of mine liked to remind me, "KEEP THINKING, IT WORKS!"

Best of luck!

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