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Ok, I am needing some advice on how to handle this situation. I have been dating this girl for about 4 months now. She is a great girl truely amazing. We are both rather guarded because we have been through in the past. Anyway things have been great up until recently. She has been really busy and I have had to work around her schedule a lot. I was not upset about it at all. I truely enjoy her company and she is a great person just busy. Well I went to her work on saturday to spend time with her and help out her work. Anyway that night she text me to tell me I am awesome and how great I am. She then proceeds to say she is a horrible girlfriend and feels horrible about her current situation. Well we finally got around to talking about it last night and she said she felt guilty about it. So I explained it did not bother me as I know she has a lot going on right now and really busy. I explained that with my job the shoe could be on the other foot at any point. I then asked her if she felt as if she was too busy and did not want to be in the relationship and she advised no. Asked if she was looking for a way out and she became upset saying if she wanted out she would tell me. She explained that she loves being around me that I am fun and a great guy and she cares for me a lot. So let the conversation go at that. Well today I am texting her and we are talking and in which time I asked what she was doing tonight and no response to it at all. I was planning on backing off a bit and even asked her if she wanted me to and she said no and became upset a little bit again. Well she did pretty much plane my whole next weekend with her and her friends. It is just weird she would bring it up and xplain she felt guilty and then kind of duck the question and attempt to make plans with her tonight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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