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Oct 20, 2010
i need help please!! i just don't know what to do anymore.

my boyfriend and i have been together for a year and 8 to 9 months. and at the beginnings it was great we had a lot of fun and stuff but now its like his gotten very distant from me. we used to live together cause i was having problems with my parents and a lot of mistakes were made during that whole move he got broke and is in debt now, we decided that it was best for me to just go back home to my parents because things weren't going so well and i evn made up with my parents so that was a great decision :)... when he first met me he was really really nice and i was the jerk, he would always complain that i wasn't putting too much into the relationship and that he felt like he was doing everything himself, but that was just who i was at the time i didnt know how to express my feelings and all that stuff but yet i also didnt want to lose him and because of this i decided to work on myself and be more loving and show affection towards him. for a couple of months everything was okay until he changed and basically became the old me. when i tried to talk to him about my feelings and about the relationship he would act like he was listening by just saying okay and uh huh, but nothing would change. i didnt give up i guess i kept expressing to him all that i felt but the more i did that the more vulnerable i became. he also started choosing me over his friends particularly his best friend who had just came back from school after graduating he spends more time with him that he does me i can say that his bestfriend kind of broke us apart. i have talked to him about it but all he does is like i said act like his listening but not do anything about it. we even broke up because of a misunderstanding that happened between the 2 of us we got in an argument abt something stupid and he was getting angry about it and i decided to leave and left the keys to his apt with him because i was just so fed up but when i did that i didnt mean it was over he went to ask this same friends of his for some advice instead of coming to communicate with me about the situation since i was already calling him. they told him that it was over btw us.... we got back together the next day but he had also decided that he wanted us to take break so we could evalute the relationship and him his life since his in debt and wanted to work more with no distractions. the break was very hard for me cause i would whine and fuss abt it to him and decided to myself that maybe that was not the best way for me to go so i gave him space for just a day and at the end of the day he called me telling me that he had missed me and he wants to see me, and i went over and ended up having sex with him which was a mistake on my part because in the end i felt that, it was all he had needed from me at that time. but we got back together again last week, and am still asking myself why because it seem like all his calling me for now is to borrow him money and if i can see him to have sex. this sounds really stupid but i know for sure he loves me that i know am not blinded by love or anything and i know that his playing games with this relationship because he knows am so vulnerable and every time he sees me go he misses me but i guess i just dont go for too long. cause i do love and still want to be with him but i also need to find myself at this moment i think abt maybe breaking up with him again so i can get space but am scared that we might not get back together in the end, i stopped calling him as much as i used to i let him call me which he does everyday to see how am doing but i still feel like his still not putting much into this relationship. am tired of talking and i guess being the only one trying to fix this relationship right now. so ive stopped doing pretty much everything. i need help cause i just dont know what to do anymore :confused: and i dont want to feel so vulnerable anymore.

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