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Hey everyone, I'm 18 and never had a girlfriend. I'm too shy and nervous around people, especially girls. I'm out of school now and I work, which means it's even harder for to even meet a girl in my age group. But even if I go out, I can never get the courage to go up to a girl. Even if I could get the courage to talk to her, I'm not a good looking guy. So I always wonder if no one will even bother with me if they don't like what they see. I know if I became friends with someone that that wouldn't matter because lots of girls I've talked to on the net say I'm very sweet and caring and they would date me if I could. All I need is someone to give me a chance. Does anyone have any advice for me? I really need all the help I can get. I'm too self-conscious. Thank you.
just go out have fun with your friends and when you see some girls you like just act like there new friends,make it no big deal and eventually you will find a nice girl.Trust me I'm not G.Q. at all.I m tall lanky, before i was just real short.But just try and not be shy and send positive vibes will come back in your favor.
A lot of my friends are good looking including me but we are not shy,we are always positive and never rude.
girls dig confident guys and postive guys.

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