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I see my boyfriend on the weekends and once during the week if I am lucky (I work 45 hours a week and go to grad school at night). We made plans to hang out tonight but he told me earlier today that he has to practice with his band and won't be able to make it. He has only practiced with his band about twice because they have blown him off many times. I was very upset that I was pushed aside last minute for people that could care less about practicing, especially when I make many sacrifices to see him... Am I over-reacting?
a little. you felt let down thats understandable but he is passionate about his band and he may just want to get back into it its his hobby/interest we all have them. maybe the people who have blown him off have come back or maybe new band members. i think you should tell him to go ahead and keep doing what he is passionate about and that you will see him soon.
I play in a band and trust me, if they are really "passionate" and serious about getting anything going, they will rehearse more than just "a couple of times." Most bands who are passionate and really want to get something real going, you MUST practice at LEAST once a week, EVERY week. If he was very sorry that he had to cancel on you, and needed to rehearse because they get together so rarely, maybe I'd consider letting it go just this once, but it's rude to cancel plans you have already made with someone, anyone, and cancel them at the last minute.

I do think you have a reason to be a bit upset. How long have you been seeing him? I think now would be a good time to let him know that you are understanding about his band, but next time you would appreciate a rehearsal time that is scheduled ahead of time so you can plan around it and not have to worry about being canceled on at the last minute. If he says "well, we never know when we will be able to get together, it comes together at the last minute and I have to go when they can meet" then he's not interested in your needs or wants, or perhaps he's just using band practice as an excuse to be somewhere other than with you. Just because you're in a band and are passionate about your music, that's not an excuse to be rude and inconsiderate to people you're supposed to care about. If you're not going to be a priority to him, then you might as well know that now. And not being any kind of a priority is something I don't think a smart, self-respecting woman is ok with.
Yeah, of course you have reasons to be upset, but if this is the first it happens and if really the rehearsal was called at the last minute, I would let it go, as someone else said below. Yet, I think that he could try to do a bit of both things: to practise with his band for a while, if that is feasible, if his leaving won't bring the rehearsal to an end, and then to rush away to be with you, even if for a few minutes.
If you had already made plans, he should have stuck to them or really kissed your but (sp) to ask you to let him go to practice and make it up to you later.

It is just not cool to blow you off like that.

Let me give you a hug to make you feel better.

HOOP!( ... hitting the hug button!!!.... sorry !! can't find it!!! ) :)
I don't think you are over-reacting...your feelings were hurt and you miss him. That's what you should tell him. Not that you don't care about his band, but that you like the times you DO get to spend with him and that's how much you care about him. If, however, you are feeling like you are the one making the MOST effort and he's not, then you need to re-evaluate the relationship. You might need to step back a bit and see if he's making the same efforts to SEE you.


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