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Thank you everyone for putting things in perspective. Most of the time I am fine but as I said, every now and then I get a bit down.

What's happening is just like what happened to my Dad, it's weird that it's so similar. My bf has been laid off and has had a really hard time finding a job. He, as most men, put so much emphasis on their ability to provide that it effects them in such a huge way they lose sight of everything else around them - which includes me. I saw my Dad go from a loving, fun father and husband to a withdrawn, angry, moody man and it was so sad. That is what is happening to my bf. I try to tell him how much faith I have in him and what a great guy he is but he doesn't see it.

We had another talk because aside from him not being able to say I love you, he struggles to show his feelings in general and isn't consistent on being affectionate. It's hard for me because on one hand, I know it's important to show him I support him and to be patient, but on the other, I so badly want him to look at me, really see me, and let me know what's in his heart.

I feel so selfish when I start spiraling myself and think that the more depressed he becomes, the harder it will be for him to find a job, the worse he'll feel about himself, and I'll never get to know the true man he is, which means I'll never know how he truly feels about me.

How do I support him while feeling this way? I know it's not my job to 'save' him and walk the fine line of not becoming a co-dependent but I don't want to lose him like I did my Dad. I guess you can say I'm a bit scared for us, and sad too.

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