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I wanted to update because although I should be taking the advice already given to me, I'm having a very hard time with this. The situation has not changed. My boyfriend is still job searching. I spend every day during my lunch break at work helping him by sending out his resume basically "cold calling" companies, as well as networking with people. He is picking up side jobs here and there but it's not enough work to even keep us current. Because of this, we are BOTH stressed, handling it in different ways, so it's a vicious circle. He is feeling "worthless" by not contributing to the household even though that's not how I view it and have never once made him feel that way, it's all his own doing. But because of how bad he's feeling about himself still, it has made him unable to move forward with us, therefore still not being able to say (or feel) I love you.

It is killing me. I admit that I so long to hear those words, to actually know that the person I'm with - and building a life together with - feels the same way I do. I can't even say it to him any more because it hurts too much to not have it returned. He makes references about the future enough so I know he wants to be with me but not knowing if he even loves me is becoming more and more hard the longer we go on. And of course, the times I've shown my stress hasn't helped. We have slowly worked at communicating better and have had a great month, better than it's been in a while. But as soon as I start thinking about this issue, I just want to cry and I just can't let him see how much it's affecting me.

Am I asking too much? I'm starting to become resentful - not towards him - but just in general. We haven't even hit the first stage of a committed relationship yet we are experiencing what some couples go through after being together for years. It's so depressing and it's effecting me outside of our relationship, including work. I am already seeing a therapist but it's not enough. I just don't know what to do. It's getting harder and harder to deal with.

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