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K im new to the board was reading some comments and there has been some really good advice so i was hoping people could help me too!
Here goes,
I have been with my boyfriend over 5 years and the other night he was out with his friends and I was out with my friends. At the end of a night out we share a taxi home. When I rang him he said he had just went to a diff pub with his friends. I said id come down to him but he said i wouldnt be able to get in and ended up just meeting me half way. After questioning him i discovered he had left the club and started walking to the pub with a girl and his brothers were following down with the rest of the girls. He swore to me that nothing happened and i believe him. The thing is im not sure if i should get back with him will i ever really trust him again????
Wow thanks for writing back so fast!
Ya im fine with that well I thought i was fine with it. We trusted each other so much that just chatting to another girl wouldnt really bother me and vice versa.
Whats really getting me is that he lied about leaving with her. I dont understand why he felt the need to lie!! When i asked him he said "i dont know i wish i didnt. I thought you would get cross maybe thats why i lied."
I wonder if i get back with him will i ever be able to trust him again!!
i understand her concerns he could of been holding her hand or kissing or anything but it does seem like he is telling the truth now and lied before because he probably thought you might of thought he was cheating. give him aother chance but let him know you hes on his last chance and that you will not tolerate lies. let him know that so long as there is 100% honesty everything should be fine. he was probably just walking with the girl chatting. it is possible for a woman and man to walk together without anything happening at all. trust me i know because a good friend of mine is male and i sleep over at his flat every other few months and my boyfriend doesn't mind he trusts me 100% as me and my friend just drink endless coffee and have a giggle and watch tv and play with his pet rats lol :-)

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