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Wow, you ended a five-year-long relationship over a lie? Seems a little harsh, but to each their own.

Did you ever explain to your boyfriend that you'd be alright with him going out for drinks with other women before this happened? No offense to the guys, but some men are a little dense and need you to say stuff like this perfectly clearly.

He seems sorry for what he did, and unless he lies to you on a regular basis or lies more than he tells the truth, I'd say give the guy another chance. Almost everybody will lie in their relationship at least once - sometimes it's over fairly minor stuff, while at other times it's more significant issues.

I don't blame you for being upset about him lying. But I'd think if you were with him that long, he would know whether or not you'd be cross with him having drinks with other women. But you should also know him well enough by now to know how likely he is to lie and what he'd lie about.

In short...I say give him another chance. Let him redeem himself and encourage him to just be honest with you about these things. I wouldn't fault him for wanting to go out alone - not everybody wants to be around their significant other 24/7, so if he wants to go out alone once in a while, don't take it totally personally.
i understand her concerns he could of been holding her hand or kissing or anything but it does seem like he is telling the truth now and lied before because he probably thought you might of thought he was cheating. give him aother chance but let him know you hes on his last chance and that you will not tolerate lies. let him know that so long as there is 100% honesty everything should be fine. he was probably just walking with the girl chatting. it is possible for a woman and man to walk together without anything happening at all. trust me i know because a good friend of mine is male and i sleep over at his flat every other few months and my boyfriend doesn't mind he trusts me 100% as me and my friend just drink endless coffee and have a giggle and watch tv and play with his pet rats lol :-)

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