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I could be jumping the gun on this one, but I feel like I'm about to loose it and have some sort of break down so I need to write something.

On Halloween night I met this really nice, energetic, outgoing cute girl. The next day she starts texting me and asking me to come hang out with her and her friends, but I wasn't able to because I was with friends. So I told her to make up for it to let me take her to a movie the next weekend. And she seemed really excited about it and kept telling me that I better not flake out on her and made me promise her (but in a silly cute way) that I would take her to the movie next week. Next weekend came, and as promised i took her to the movie and then we hung out for a few hours after that and kissed at the end of the night.

Then again last weekend, told her I'd make her dinner at my house. Again she said she was excited. Made her dinner and talked for a while and she ended up spending the night. All the while she as at my house she was saying how she really likes me and that she hopes I'll let her stick around. Of course liking this girl I told her yeah I don't want her to go anywhere and that I really like her as well. Later that night she was texting me just saying hi and we just having a general conversation.

Next day I texted her something (I know, us young whippersnappers these days) about hanging out and she said jokingly "i hope you can make room in your schedule for me" to which I replied "I think i'll make room" and she said "as you should". Monday I called her to see if she wanted to get lunch somewhere but I got no answer. She called me back and said she'll have to take a raincheck and again was like I hope its soon type of thing.

Tuesday goes by and I didn't talk to her. Then today while i was on break in class I sent a text saying i hope she's having a good day. Few hours later never heard back and I happened to see her online, so I say hi. The conversation seemed to go well and all but I got the feeling she wasn't as enthusiastic to talk to me as in the past. Although this could just be my doubts.

What the problem is, is that now I'm afraid to try and start a conversation with the girl. I didn't hear from her Tuesday and had a short conversation with her today. I'm just worried that any more attempts at talking with her is going to make me seem desperate or something.

I'm just a really lonely guy and its funny literally the minute things start looking up for me again and a girl shows a strong interest in me, its all smashed just as fast as it started. Since breaking up with my girlfriend of two years over a year ago I've been rejected, lied to, and flaked out on too many times by too many girls for me to handle. I really feel like I'm going to loose it if this girl does it too. I could handle her saying she's not interested anymore, but to just start ignoring me isn't cool. I deserve at least an explanation so I know not to keep wasting my time and making a fool of myself.

What I want to know is if this sounds like a good idea. Tomorrow I can try calling her and asking if she wants to do anything this weekend. If I don't get any response then maybe Saturday I can ask her whats going on?

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