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Thanks for responding - really helpful.

Ive met his parents and his sister once who came across as quite weird and alluded to him as not being trustworthy. Should I contact them?

I didnt realise about the drink until a mionth ago (4 months after he moved in) I found bottles of wine which he brought hoem from work and then bottles of vodka - Ive confronted him but all he said was that he was drinking becos he was bored and missed going out with his friends yet still wanted ot be in a relationship wiht me - of course these were just excuses. he has said he will stop but its obvious hes still drinking.
The prospect of spending over 3000 on IVF in this situation is not good.

He holds down a full time job and seems ot function fairly well but sometimes falls asleep - Ive found out hes lied about afew things as well - I guess I dont trust him.
He hasnt ever lost it but is generally an angry person. When not drinking things are fine.
There is no forward planning for Christmas and I seem to intro him to all my friends and yet he keeps his circle of friends private.
What do you think?

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