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To make a long story short, I dated a guy named Andrew--we dated fro 2 1/2 years, we have not been together for 3 years. I loved him so much when we dated, we broke up because i was his first love and he just wanted to experience the world of relationships (not in a bad way). We had a wonderful relationship.

I have been dating a guy now and we are engaged. I still cannot get my ex off my mind. THe guy I am with now upsets me quite often with views he has about different things and that really effects our relationship. However, I think he is a good person but some of the things he does or reacts to, I just dont want to be around that my entire life.

I know its wrong to be with someone and be thinking about your ex and still have emotions and feelings for them. I understand that, but I cannot sort my feelings--I am unsure what to do.

I wrote a letter to my ex and I would love to give it to him. I think my biggest problem is not knowing his feelings about me. (He is still single and has only really dated one person since we broke up.) I just want to know his feelings. I feel that if he said he still had feelings for me, that would change everything. But then again I am scared of rejection but maybe that is what I NEED. I am so scared and dont know what to do. Do I need to see a professional for advice or guidance? I just am so confused. Anyone been in this situation or have advice?
, I just dont want to be around that my entire life.

You said that above..:) Regardless if you are still in love with your are already having doubts about spending the rest of your life with the person you are engaged to.
Wondering why you said yes? Was it the pressure?
You obviously already know you don't want to marry the current it seems that you will have to deal with that and then decide what you will do about the rest of your life later. It seems that dealing with missing your X is a whole other chapter.

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