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I have been with my husband for twenty years. Most of the time our relationship is fine. However a few times a year he has, what I can only describe as, strange episodes. He completely flips over trivial things, such as me forgetting to get milk fronm the shop. He used to physically attack me when he had one of these episodes but now the abuse is just verbal. In the latest episode he told me he had always hated me and made me fill in online divorce papers. Over the years his anger is has always been directed at me, but now he has started to direct it at the kids. He has told my daughter he hates her and wishes she had been aborted. He also woke up in the morning and quit his job which he loved. This abusive behaviour frightens me and the kids and we are forever walking on eggshells. Sometimes his episodes are not angry ones, in these ones he will go to bed at six in the evening and get up at two in the morning and then play music all night. Other times he will sit at the computer doing his 'research, for eighteen hour stretches. After one of these episodes he feels so so low. He says he wants to shoot his self, that I am too good for him and that he hates himself. At the moment I have left him because I am so scared of him. Could he have biplar or is it just the person he is. I darent tell him that I suspect he has bipolar because I fear it may be like a red rag to a bull.
Please somebody help me because I am at my wits end.

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