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I posted a couple of weeks back about my flatmate and how we'd fallen out over something silly which then escalated. i tried talking to her on several occasions to no avail so decided to call it a day. Last Thursday, i broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. He ended it by reason that I'd been acting weird ( which is true as my depression has returned, I haven't slept properly in a month and Im eating 1 meal a day, which is all affecting my uni work making me stressed, now seeing a counsellor)

Anyway I come on the dreaded popular social networking site this morning to see they have both been out at the Christmas Market together last night. I wouldn't say they are good friends as they never text or hung out, never spoke online before, didnt really have much in common hadn't even seen/bumped into each other in my flat in over a month. She did come out with us a few times in summer but thats it really?

I feel pretty pissed off because I wouldn't do that to either of them :/ I go out of my way to avoid her ex who was cheating on her, and I haven't spoke to any of my ex's friends since we broke up. Are they doing this on purpose? :(

i dont want him back at all. i havent spoke to him since we broke up on Thursday. it just upsets me because i confided in him about falling out with her and he told me just to move on, that she wasnt worth it etc. :/ i can get over the ex i mean guys come and go but she was my best friend and im still finding it hard to come to terms with her cutting me out. i tried to sort things out with her but she has more time to hang out with my ex than make things up with me! thanks :)

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