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I posted a couple of weeks back about my flatmate and how we'd fallen out over something silly which then escalated. i tried talking to her on several occasions to no avail so decided to call it a day. Last Thursday, i broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. He ended it by reason that I'd been acting weird ( which is true as my depression has returned, I haven't slept properly in a month and Im eating 1 meal a day, which is all affecting my uni work making me stressed, now seeing a counsellor)

Anyway I come on the dreaded popular social networking site this morning to see they have both been out at the Christmas Market together last night. I wouldn't say they are good friends as they never text or hung out, never spoke online before, didnt really have much in common hadn't even seen/bumped into each other in my flat in over a month. She did come out with us a few times in summer but thats it really?

I feel pretty pissed off because I wouldn't do that to either of them :/ I go out of my way to avoid her ex who was cheating on her, and I haven't spoke to any of my ex's friends since we broke up. Are they doing this on purpose? :(

i dont want him back at all. i havent spoke to him since we broke up on Thursday. it just upsets me because i confided in him about falling out with her and he told me just to move on, that she wasnt worth it etc. :/ i can get over the ex i mean guys come and go but she was my best friend and im still finding it hard to come to terms with her cutting me out. i tried to sort things out with her but she has more time to hang out with my ex than make things up with me! thanks :)
Yes, it does sound like they are doing it on purpose to get back at you. They would never admitt it though. Even if it isn't on purpose it is a lousy thing to do.

Do you still live with her? It sounds like you need to cut both of them out of your life including de-friending them on fb.
I do still live with her yes, and the lease isn't up until July. I have looked into moving out early but it will be a bit difficult with exams and Christmas coming up. She is also in most of my classes at university! I did delete them both from fb though.

He text me asking why I deleted him, because he wanted to maintain contact. I told him he still had my number. I have since found out however that he stayed at our flat last night! ( I'm back home at my parents just now) although he said he slept on the sofa.

I think in my opinion that they are seeing eachother. The best revenge is to not bite, let them get on with it and you just concerntrate on your studies and your life. You will meet a special man at some point in your life. Don't say a word to them, don't let them see it is bothering you else they will do it more as they are both pathetic. Your friend is a cruel person having your ex in you two's flat, she is rubbing it in your face ,so so cruel.

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