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Am I being controlling and insecure for not being comfortable with my boyfriend basically dry humping and getting his crotch rubbed by girls at clubs? My friends find it okay to do this but I disagree. I find most men intoxicated and dirty dancing especially during college nights are very intimate to say the least. I personally do not find it ok for my man to nasty dance with other girls period. Why would it be acceptable for him to have his crotch rubbed and grinded on? Nothing good can come out of this kind of behavior esp when/if intoxicated. Its so easy to get physically worked up and end up in a bad situation.

I went out with my girlfriends last night and my boyfriend and his buddies went to the same club. My bf's bestfriend is in a relationship. The next thing I knew he was ALL OVER MY roommate as if he completely forgot about the existence of his girlfriend. My roommate is single and she did not know anything about my bf's bestfriend's relationship status. I just started dating my bf. My point -- it just made me feel so weird to see him all over another girl... he would not be doing that if she was with us. It makes me wonder, does my boyfriend do that too? Should I be ok with this? How would I approach this subject and address my feelings?

Thoughts guys?

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