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i have allready posted before but things still havent changed i will post roughly what has been happening for people who didn't read it.
I have been with my boyfriend a year and he is brilliant has never done anything to hurt me but after about 3-4 months of us being together things were bad. I have no self confidence and always wonder why he is with me. I constantly checked his phone every day even though i never found anything i still done it, i want to constantly be with him and if im not i phone and txt him all the time and if he doesnt answer i think hes hurt himself or with someone else. Hes with me every day but usually goes out 1 night a week with his friends and even then i constantl phone and txt him and it really annoys him i know i need to stop it but i just cant help it. He was with his ex for 2 years and they split up over 2 years ago and have never had any contact for 2 years but i still look at her facebook everyday. I have no self confidence and always think people are looking at me and saying stuff about me even my friends since nursery. things had been ok this week but i was just on the phone to him and he said he is feeling really depressed about everything as he feels he doesnt have a life anymore as none of his pals even bother phoning him anymore as hes never out and he says when he does go out he doesnt enjoy it anyway because i make him feel guilty for going out. he says im to needy and its not for because he always stays in with me because thats what i want. I really dont know what to do as i dont want to loose him

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