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start with my brother and his girlfriend have been getting calls from a witheld number and i am getting accused. i have proved it was not me as i did not have any credit on my mobile phone plus i am not immature like that so my whole family have turned on me accusing me when they should know i wouldnt do that. so i have officially abandoned my family. they have put me through years of hell and i have had enough.

now with the boyfriend (now ex) , i have flu so i am very poorly and me and my boyfriend went shopping together , he knows how depressed i have been over family so while we was shopping i said i want to go home (home is only down the road) he said he will do the shopping. on my way home from shopping i bumped into his mother. she asked me for internet money my half (she handles his money because hes useless and spends it on crap and ends up in debt) so my mind was all over the place with my family i was hurt depressed and i wasnt thinking straight and i honestly cant even remember what i said to her about my half of the internet payment so i said anything and shes a controlling person and because i was emotional and poorly with flu i said i gave the money to him (the boyfriend) so she was going on at me so i walked off and she walked off at exact time in opposite direction. now my boyfriend has gone balistic and ended it.

me and boyfriend sorted things out in the end once we spent time away from eachother to cool down. we have had a lovely evening last night when we made up.

i still however distraught over my family i am so hurt. was looking forward to spending xmas with them as for years xmas was awkward with family as there not very loving and considerate and my brother just bullies me all the time but i dont stoop to his level. now my xmas is ruined. i cant be around them anymore they have hurt me too many times. its 5:47am in england right now and i still have not slept yet and i can't sleep i keep feeling sad and crying.
hi everyone again.

yeah i'm spending it with my boyfriend but he doesnt do much lol but i dont mind its better than spending it with my family. i am recieving abusive texts off my family and i am so so hurt as i have never done any prank calling and i still have no money on my mobile phone i'm not immature like that anyway. i was looking forward to christmas this year as we had all been getting on great for about a month maybe 5/6 week, my brothers girlfriend kept cheating on him,leaving him for other men then using him giving him hope of been reunited i supported him through all of it.when he split up with her for a few week he handled it ok and he seemed to be showing hes growing up and been mature soon as he got back with her and they think everythings all lovey dovey and perfect hes turned 2 faced and evil again. hes throw the support back in my face all because he is getting 'prank calls on his phone' its ridiculous. not one of them has called me , nor texted me. i emailed my mum and no reply. my family are so so childish. they seem to like drama and misery whereas i like the peace and to make happiness and be a nice person. the amount of times they have hurt me through the years i have had enough i am walking away for good. my boyfriend thinks i should at least text my dad as i adore my dad and he may believe my brother (although i think deep down he believes me but hes the type to keep silent in fear of my mum as shes controlling in there marriage) but anyway hes not been cruel and nasty to me like my mum/brother/brothers girlfriend has and my mum is the controlling one in there marriage and i KNOW that my dad loves me i have never felt loved by my mum even since i was little but i do really adore my dad but i think he should phone me i have said in the email how hurt i am. spent the last 2 days crying and been so distraught i have barely slept in 2 days :-( the hardest part is i love them all (but not brothers girlfriend of course lol) but i always think of this song where the lyric says ''im walking away from troubles in my life ,im walking away to find a better day'' i love that line and sometimes follow it.

also i hope you all have a lovely christmas and a great new year. :)

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