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Thanks so much for everyone's replies. This really was an eye opener for me and I have to make a decision. Before reading all of this, my bf and I had a long talk after another argument. We are driving 3 hours away to see my parents this New Years. We were discussing the plans the other day and He doesn't like where my mother lives and told me my mother should move because HE hates the parking situation. I calmly asked him to please drop the issue as I couldn't deal with anymore holiday stress and cannot control where my mother lives (we had the same argument months ago). He went on to talk about how expensive his vehicle was and he didn't like where she lived and couldn't understand why anyone would live so mother cannot afford much and she is completely happy where she lives. I told him that's all that matters and he told me that if anything happens to his vehicle, that I will be responsible for it. I finally just broke down and told him I couldn't stand being afraid to express my opinion and can't continue living like this. This time of year has always been great for me, but he is really putting a damper on things. A sick as it sounds, I sometimes think he wants me gone, but he always apologizes later. And while apologizing, still backs up his reasoning, making me feel like I was wrong. I've done some soul searching and this board has especially helped. I guess it is a difficult situation for me, because I went through a divorce before we started dating. I now realize that I did not put enough effort in my previous marriage and still have some regrets. I feel like if I leave my bf, then I will just be "running away" from my problems and end up feeling more regret. A friend said to me the other day: "you ran when you shouldn't have (in regards to my ex husband), and you Don't run when you should". Makes a lot of sense!

Thanks everyone!

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