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hi thank you for your reply larry ! yes i have thought many many times that he has some mental health problem the way he gets deluded etc...he also tells alot of lies and makes up storys which he KNOWS you know the truth and he convinces himself things have really happened. its like he says something alot then it becomes real in side his mind but futhur down the line tells you something else completely changes his story and he doesnt even realise or if he does he doesnt care.

i have mental health issues also and i have asked him many times to go see a doctor, i am having a very bad mental breakdown at the moment and desperate to see my new therapist but i have to wait :(. anyway, his comment that i got earlier he put ''you was prank calling me and you lie about it that makes you 2 faced and your plan didnt work out''....i was thinking what plan? plan to do what? pranking his mobile phone to achieve what exactly? he says it like by me pranking his mobile phone i am some how trying to PLAN to get him out of the family. now thats very deluded and i dont understand what makes him think he is so special that i would use my time to 'prank' call him. its ridiculious. i have never done it in my life and dont think i am going to start doing it now seen as i am 24 and a mature girl for my age, i do not argue, i do not bitc* and gossip, i do not take drugs, i do not ''prank'' people, i do not smoke and i do not even drink a drop of alcohol. people who know me properly know i am too mature to play childish games. my brother treats me like shi* through out the year but soon as it gets close to christmas day he kicks off big time over absolutely nothing if i dont answer my phone, or if my mum or dad phone me first, or if i have gone for dinner at my parents house and he wasnt there, or if my mum cuts my hair before christmas before he gets his done he gets VERY nasty over silly little things. its like HE doesnt want me in the family anymore but its tuff shi*. he makes me laugh sometimes because he also texts and adds in the text ''mum said this about ya, dad said that about ya'' and he'll say ''mum loves only me , not you'' ''mums and dads all about me not you'' , or ''i am the favourite and i will always be''....and i swear down dead these texts come from absolutely no where. on a typical day i am just going about my day cleaning the house or doing shopping and my phone goes off beep beep ...says ''antony sent you a text'' open it up and ABUSE and i often look at it for ten minutes in complete shock because its so wierd and un-normal. by the way he doesnt drug deal anymore and i must say that is one good thing about him he doesnt do drugs anymore.

i have often wondered wether HE is desperate to be mature like me but can't do it and is jealous or angry that he can't manage it. i just don't understand him at all. i have supported him, loved him, forgave him but he just treats me like dirt all the time. he doesnt even know how much i care about him heres the story of how much i mum and dad kicked me out for been a lazy stroppy teenager and running up phone bills and i was 16 and i went into a hostel, my brother was in same hostel and he got a flat and begged me to live with him. he was a alcoholic druggy at the time. the courts said that he had to pay a fine for something and if he didnt stick to a regular payment plan then he was to be put in prison and because he spent his money on drink and drugs I paid the stupid fines for him to keep him out of prison, he also stole from me alot of money aswell, and i lost my money (i was on benefits -jobseekers -unemploment money at the this point) and we had no money and nothing.

i tried hard to get a job but i didnt even get one single interview offer anyway so we was in extreme poverty my brother as per usual spent his unemployment money on drink and drugs so me and my friend worked as prostitutes for a week or two to get money for survival i was 16 years old supporting my brother. he still to this day does not know about it. that is my secret shame but i was desperate. i then got a job working at a local takeaway fast food place and they said they would pay me but they never did so i worked for food and brought food home for my brother, then i went to jobcentre and got my unemployment benefits sorted out. sorry to ramble on just wanted to explain more about my brother and the misery he causes. also another he has lived in many propertys but where ever he goes and lives he ends up with the neighbours and whole street hating him because he is a nasty person. he pushes people away and uses them and his girlfriend is the same thats why not one of them has any friends not even one. they have deliberately made new friends in the past gone to there partys and then stole there phones, money, jewellery then never go back and change there mobile phone numbers. there both evil. and my parents arent that great either, my mum is cold and heartless alot of the time and my dad is too much of a wimp to stand up to my mum and has said a few hurtful comments in his time but nothing major. i love my dad, mum and brother but i am starting to feel hatred towards mum and brother. i will always love my dad hes a good man when hes not around my mum at the time. he finds it diffacult been in the middle as he wants to be there for his wife and his kids.

Larry, i am sorry you have had to go through family troubles aswell. its like the words 'family' means nothing to people anymore. i thought family was about loving eachother, caring, support etc...seems to not exist anymore because too many people are having diffacultys with there familys and it is very sad to hear. the thing that bothers me people (family members or partners) who treat there 'loved ones' like crap NEVER think ..well i should appreciate this person because i love them and care about them and they will not be around forever. many times i have heard about people dying or ending there lifes and people regret treating them like crap and say things like ''if only i had listened to them''...or ''if only i told them i loved them''...or ''they died feeling like i didnt care and i'll never get the chance to tell them i am sorry thats it gone forever i hate myself for treating them like crap''...i hear these comments ALOT. why is it that people change or are 'sorry' when people/things have gone why can't they love and respect them when they are around. annoys me.

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