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Silly? Or Sign's?
Dec 26, 2010
Im 19 years old. and i have been with my girlfriend for nearly 2 years! and i fell in love with her the moment she said she will go out with me. in total i have knowen her for about 3 and half years! but before we didnt know how each other felt for one another!

over the 2 years i have never cheated on her! but i have spoke to other girls they way i shouldnt of! i also had my ex girlfrined strip on cam for me. i didnt do anything part from watch! but its still wrong! i also had videos and pictures of my ex stripping!

when my girlfriend found out about these incerdents she went crazy! of course you cant blame her! this was the day before our 1 year anniversiry! i spent the whole night crying and tryin to tell her it was a mistake! after 4 hours of pleading and a speeding ticket and points on my driving licence she decided to talk to me!

when she did talk to me i told her that it ment nothing to me and it wont happan again! and i kept my word for about 4 months! but this time i didnt do anything wrong apart from talk chit chat with this girl i knew from school. and when i say chit chat i mean just genral chit chat. nothing flirty or anything. when my girlfriend saw it she went crazy again! this time i knew i hadnt do anything wrong so i let her have her paddy then i talked to her and we sorted it out!

but the whole point in me telling you this is... i am so paranoid that shes cheating on me or something. there is no reason in this whole world that can even suggest she is! she dont talk to boys or anything. i havent seen any texts or emails from any male. and everyone who knows her knows she aint capable of anything like that!

so i wanna know why i keep thinking she is cheating on me, if she dont give me sex then i say shes not giving it to me becuz shes giving it to someone else. and that is really bad! when she goes on a night out the only thing tht goes though my head is tht there is some guy hitting on her! must make her feel really down! and she dont need that! shes so beautiful and sexy. and i really dont want to lose her! i love her more then i love anything or anyone in this whole world. i have learnt from my mistakes. i dont talk to girls or anything!

can anyone give me some advice on what i can do just to stop feeling like this!??

thanking you!!

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