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Re: Is it paranoia?
Dec 28, 2010
hi guys and thanx for the responses, i'll try and fill you in a little more, yeaterday she took him to the post office, but it was only to use a post office type cash machine, i got that slightly wrong. The fact still remains though, that she just can't say no and i don't mean just to the ex, to anyone, she really is that sort of person, the do anything for anyone type, which is one of the reasons i love her in the first place. I did say to her when she came back that she had to learn to say no, especially to him, but she just doesn't want to discuss it in case we argue. As you know he was in prison til recently, we don't live together and so the question of christmas came up. She decided to take her son to have xmas dinner with his dad and nan instead of with us, which i understand to a degree, because her son is 3 and has never had a xmas dinner with his dad until this year because of his imprisonment or drug taking. i know that at the moment he is not on any drugs, but if past history is anything to go by, he soon will be.
I also know she is a bit scared of him because he is a bit of a hothead when he can't get his own way, so i think she may well be just be giving in to keep the peace. She insists that she's over him, they split in feb 2009 when he ended the relationship. We got together in oct 2009.
What i am having trouble with now is that i am becoming distrusting of her, even though i know nothing is going on, but she is a bit insensitive towards me sometimes. For example, she was at home last week, just her and her son, she txt message her ex at 10.45pm to call round before he went home, i saw this txt and asked her why she had sent it, she said that she didnt realise it was that time and it was only to ask him about the following days arrangements for the ex to collect her son, it could have waited til the following morning! then there was the one a few days ago which read, really sorry, your gonna have to tell ?????? i cant do it, not tomight, normally i'd drop everything and run, sorry x. and yep thats a kiss on the end!
So that was a mate of his who had wanted a lift somewhere, with the ex. The reason she said no was she was ill with tonsilitis and flu, but had she been well she would have taken them.
Its got to the point where i am sneakily checking her phone, even though i don't normally find anything, and to be fair i am usually wrong when i become suspicious of things. What i need is to restore the trust i had and somehow stop these horrible thoughts that i keep having about her with him, If i can't i know it will ultimately end the relationship, she says she gets really upset when she feels i don't trust her.
Sorry for waffling a bit but i really need to stop what i'm doing and get back to how we were.

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