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Hi all,

Two months ago, I moved in with my boyfriend. We have known each other for nearly 6 years and been together for nearly 4 years.

I have some issues, we get along great in most areas, but the main problem is, I find my bf to be very demanding. He is very clean, and I mean super clean. In a way I know I am lucky to have someone as clean as him, as most of my friends complain how messy their boyfriends can be. One little bit of dirt in the house and my boyfriend has to say something.

I work full time, while my boyfriend works from home trying to get his business up and started. He is on government payments, which pay for our bills, and I am paying 100% for the mortgage. I work 2 jobs, I have my full time job and I work my second job every Saturday and most Friday evenings. I feel that the minute I get home, my boyfriend wants me to clean something. He sends me messages when I am at work telling me that he has just cleaned the inside of the fridge, and cleaned the cubboards in the laundry. He tells me when he has mopped the floor or changed the bed sheets. I get a running commentary of what he is doing while I'm at work. He wants me to take initiative and do some of these things, ect. He does the dinner most nights, and I clean up after, I clean the bathroom after I have used it, and clean up after myself, and wash the clothes. I have told him that in the reversed situation where the man works and the woman is home, that the woman does most of the household stuff and that I think it's unfair that he expects me to work 2 jobs to pay our mortgage, then come home and clean. He thinks all i care about is coming home and having a shower. He plays poker on the computer during the day sometimes and watches TV and has his friends over every now and then and goes to the soccer. But when I want to go on the computer to go on FB or YT, he doesn't like it and makes comments all the time because he doesn't like FB.

I feel like he wants to have control over me, but he disagrees. Sometimes I want to go to a bar with my friends but he doesn't like those places so I can't go. I had 3 work christmas parties because my full time job invited me to the inter state one, so I went to 2 parties for my full time job and the other party was my casual job. He said it's too much and I shouldn't need to go to them all. I said why not? I very rarely go out and now I want to go out and enjoy myself.

I don't see any of my money as it goes to the mortgage and he wants to budget every last cent. He is giving till June for his business as he has everything set up, website, business cards, etc, all he needs to do is advertise it, otherwise he will get a full time job mid next year.

The other day he called me a lazy b***ch. I don't see other guys calling their girlfriends/wives names. All I want is to be able to have some down time to myself on the computer, in front of the TV without him hovering over me saying there is hair on he bathrooom floor, bla bla bla. If I go to do something, he has to watch me, to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I even went to make a sandwich and he had to watch me. He says that if he has a better way which is quicker or isn't as messy, then don't i want to know? He said sometimes I have good advice for him which he listens to, so why don't i want to listen to him? For goodness sakes, it's a sandwich, I'm 25 years old, not 10.

Sometimes I just want to leave this relationship and get my life back. all my life seems to be these days is all work and no play.

Am I being unfair. Do i need to do more around the house even though i work 6 days a week and he is at home doing not much? i have taken holidays from my full time job, and im working at my part time job so we can earn extra money. im at my parents place, so now i can sit at the computer and write this message. as an example, i worked monday to friday last week, had christmas day off, then working from sunday 26th till thursday (5 days), i then have 3 days off, then from monday 3rd - saturday 8th im working, sunday 9th i have off, then back to work monday to friday. i feel isolated from the rest of the world.

also when we have a fight, he tells me to go home back to my parents, i respond saying but this is MY HOME!!!!

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