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yes i'll definately keep a diary. going to start it today. got one bad note already... i woke up and came in living room and he was reading something on the internet on wikipedia ...i could see a picture of an actors face but didnt recognise it so i said ''what you reading about honey''... his reponse ''just stuff'' in an moody tone of voice. then he would say something and i thought he was talking to me but i didnt hear him so i'd ask ''what did ya say honey''..his response ''nothing i'm talking to myself'' yet again in a moody tone of voice so thats when i thought i am sick of this and asked him ''why is it that you always talk to me like i have done something wrong you have a attitude nearly everytime i wake up and come in the living room i understand we need space and will be doing as of tomorrow (tuesday) but theres no need to speak to me like that''..he obviously denied it and said ''whatever''. fed up. a loving person would at least speak to there partner with respect even though need space. i am going to do the whole space thing as of tomorrow when i get paid as i want to get away from him for abit aswell as i am fed up of his stupid attitude and his non stop playing on his xbox every single day i am BORED and fed up. if things dont change when we start having space between us i am gone and i mean it as i am seriously fed up now, i am stronger than ever.

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