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thats awesome that your at college. thats my plan to get space away from my boyfriend aswell as get myself a career i am going to college this year and job hunting. speaking of college, have you met any friends there who you could hang out with ? even if they have kids could you still visit them and when kids are in bed you and your friend/s relax to a movie which costs nothing. i dont understand when people say that there friends never 'come out' anymore there is fun and laugh that can be done at eachothers houses. i have noticed that with one of my friends she only texts me or rings me to go out when shes got money but if she is skint she doesnt see the point and all's miserable but i always suggest me going to hers and watching a movie and having girly chats but she then says 'ohh maybe another time' tut. point is you dont have to go out to have a good time. which i am sure you know anyway but maybe start doing it. i am in same boat as you with the boyfriend thing and i am definately going to get away from him for a bit not because i have to because he wants me too, thats not 100% right its because i need space aswell its driving me crazy been round him everyday.

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