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I have been dating Sean for almost 5 months. We both have some issues in regard to relationships, and we're taking the necessary steps to work them out. He's been seeing a therapist for over a month now, and I had my first appointment a couple weeks ago.

In the past I felt lied to and betrayed by my ex-boyfriend, and I can't help thinking Sean will do the same.

As far as I can tell, he has never given me any reason to feel like he would hurt me until a couple weeks ago. He told me about his last therapy session where his therapist recommended that he take some time to be single. He said that he wanted to be open and tell me what he was talking about in therapy, but hearing that there was even a possibility that we could one day break up left me feeling so incredibly hurt. He said that right now, he had no intention of ending things and that he was happy, but now each time I feel disappointed by him I automatically assume he'll end things or that he is pushing me away.

I realize I am sabotaging this relationship, but I don't know how to stop myself. We took a trip to Washington DC which was so much fun and I felt closer to him afterward, but in the past couple days since then he said he needs some "me" time or time with friends. We did spend 4 consecutive days together, with just the two of us and we were both exhausted when we got home. However, all I can think is that he is taking a step back and reconsidering being with me, which is very painful.

I have known that I am in love with him for the past 3 weeks, but I haven't been able to tell him. I want him to say it first, but the stress of holding it in and being afraid to let it slip is starting to get to me. Not to mention the fact that every time we argue or he doesn't say what I was hoping to hear, I feel like that is the reason he will break up with me. I can't seem to get what his therapist said out of my head.

One more small fact, he also can't call me his girlfriend. Which is partly why he is seeking help, I dont necessarily need the title, but I think I would feel a lot more secure in our relationship if I had it.

Am I just making myself go crazy and sabotaging my relationship to avoid getting hurt? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love him so much and couldn't bear to lose him.

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