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Newbie here, hello people.

Ok heres my story. I been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we get on fine , no arguments BUT he does not pay me much attention, hardly any at all. I am starting to feel lonely, resentful towards him and seriously bored with this relationship, i also think my feelings are slowly drifting away. He is a serious xbox 360 addict and has been for years even before i met him but if i had of known it was going to be like this i wouldnt even bother. He does not work, does not even try to look for work often, sleeps in till the afternoon, goes to bed at ridiculous times in the early hours. I have been job hunting, and applied for college aswell just waiting to hear back from them by post. I forgot to mention we live together. He does make an effort maybe once every 3 weeks but its not enough he will be on his xbox from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep, his friends come along to join him aswell and they just sit around all day and night playing games and I dont get even spoken to it is like i am invisible. Trying to find a new place to live but keep thinking should i really move to the same area or is it just a waste of time and move to another area we wouldnt be miles away but i still feel maybe its a waste of time moving close because i think what if i leave him i dont like change i dont like bumping into ex's i just want to be far away from them which would mean moving again and that takes time. i have someone who has offered a property swap with me but thats like 3 minutes away from where my boyfriend lives. un sure of what to do but i know one thing i am getting seriously fed up and depressed. feel so sad. even when he wakes up he doesnt give me a hug in bed anymore he just gets up and goes straight to xbox. he smokes weed aswell :(

Thanks for reading, sorry it's a long story had to get it all out though. :(

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