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you cant manage your anger issues on your own you have proved that. tell her you will go see a anger therapist or some sort of therapist aswell as marriage counselling but once you say it , DO go along with it and don't mention it just prove it. actions speak louder than words. show you her you mean it. you are going to lose her forever if you dont so what choice do you have. why are you mean to her though? shes your wife you should respect her and love her she is seriously depressed and you are not been supportive to her, you are making it worse. another short term way to try help you control is tell yourself that everytime you are about to snap count to 20 before saying a word. then in that time take a deep breath and offer to make you and her a cup of tea and tell her you don't want to argue as you are trying to change. relationships are about supporting eachother. when i used to argue with my boyfriend i taught myself 20 seconds and cup of tea. it seemed to calm my boyfriend down aswell as me and he could see i was trying to relieve any tension and make the situation a little more comfortable, i would drink my tea and tell him i love him and THEN talk to him. it might not work with everybody but its worth a try and maybe try out a few little ideas of your own. maybe when your about to be mean to her say in your mind ''shes my wife i love her'' that should be enough to stop you and calm you because you are realising you cant be mean to someone who you claim to love and that she has feelings and shes already hurt. can i ask, are you devoted to your wife? if answers yes PROVE IT to her. good luck.

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