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Re: Unresolvable
Jan 12, 2011
I'm a little confused. You blame the boy's mom for all the bad choices he's made, but it seems you take issue with some of your boyfriend's parenting skills as well. Even though the boy lives with his mom primarily, his father stil has influence over who he grows into.

I'm not sure there's much you can do about it. It's your boyfriend's son, and it's not really your place to question or challenge how he chooses to raise his son. He has to raise his kids as he sees fit. You don't have to like it, but you're going to have to find a way to respect it, or at least stomach it. It would be nice if he were willing to compromise with you, limit girlfriend sleep-overs for the boy to one every two months, or something, but it sounds like he'd be unwilling to do that.

But this is just the kind of parent your boyfriend is. I don't think you'll have much success in changing him, or the way he wants to deal with his kid. If your boyfriend isn't willing to compromise or take your feelings into consideration even a little bit more, and you are dead set against breaking up, what other option do you have but either break up or keep the relationship going but you get a place of your own? How long do you think this will be a problem? The boy is 18, after all. Is he in college, or planning on enrolling soon? Does he have a job? On his way to getting a place of his own? What is your boyfriend doing to encourage him to get out on his own?

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