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i dont see my friends because of this anxiety problem i have but i speak to them internet but i want to work on sorting this out so i go out. i am out of work because of severe depression but i am starting to look into going to college and work aswell. i feel i need to get my life together i cant take it anymore having anxiety and depression and not go out. my boyfriends friends come see him everyday but he never goes to there house.

yeah this relationship is very boring no affection no going out together like for a meal out or something. i try get him to come out with me but no luck. he is lazy and he doesnt look for work. i am def working on myself as i am visiting a therapist every week i get taxis to go see her as i can't get on buses yet because i have problems been round people. hobbys? no not really. he has his games and i just go on the internet etc. he came to me last night and gave me a hug and i asked if we could talk and he said yes i asked what was going on and he told me he does love me so very much but that we need to stop spending every second of every day together which i know hes def right there he said a little example to try get me to understand even though i do anyway.....

he said ...

''Imagine you try a mars bar on a monday, then you try it again on a tuesday, then wednesday, then thursday, then friday, then saturday, BUT then it comes sunday and you have eaten mars bars all week your going to think i am bored of having a mars bars as i have eaten them all week BUT imagine if you ate a mars bar every now and again but not every single your not going to get bored of the mars bar are you you'll look forward to eating that mars bar because you have not eat one everyday, this is like our relationship because we spend so much time together we cant have special times together because we are seeing eachother everyday anyway, i dont get a chance to miss you, i dont get a chance to be excited to have any special time with you because we spend too much time together but i do love its just diffacult when i get frustrated''

glad we had that chat as i felt like he hated me or didnt like me but he opened up he said more things than what i have already put above and i am glad i got a proper explanation and reassurance that he loves me but ust wants to breath and i do too he gets on my nervs when i see him every single day.

thanks again :bouncing:

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