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OK my new vision on this relationship. No I don't live in a fairy tale. To have a healthy relationship you do have bumps of course that is life. When you bring jealousy into it then you are lacking self confidence, which to me is knowing that you can exist without the other person. There are no having to see friends privately to save the other persons feelings. That is just a hurtful tactic . When you get healthier from whatever drug of choice you use you will gain self confidence. If she truly cares or you care for her stand up and let it be known that you are healing and gaining back your power of self. Truly is it that you don't want to have someone in your life that you don't have to give ultimatums to . Gain pride more selfesteem and begin to love yourself and know that , that kind of actions are not love. If I'm correct you don't like these friends because your jealous, stop jealousy is a emotion that take alot of energy away from the energy you can put into yourself or finding someone that may be a better partner. Waisted Energy I promise will get you no where but down.

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