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Ok here is my case,
I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years now, we had a great relationship.
She was my partner and a friend aswell. After 3 years of our relationship we moved in together and it was great for the most part. Unfortunately i had a problem with marihuana, i used it a lot and it started to affect me in multiple ways: i was lazy as hell, i was changing jobs frequently and did not rush to find new ones while indulging myself with weed... Actually had most of the problems a typical addict has. Obviously this fact had a great impact on my relationship with her. One day i told myself that i have to get a grip on myself and to do so i decided to move out to my parent's house which was about 300km away from the town i lived in with my gf, she was verry supportive and even though she did not want to let me go, she also felt that this was a good decision. And so i did, I got a good job, stopped smoking and started to be a lot more responsible than i ever was. The bad side of it was that after i moved out my gf found new flatmates. Well good to say here that i am a jelous type, i had a few bad experiences with unfaithful gf's. The fact that both guys were good loking added fuel to the fire. We were seeing each other once a week when i visited my former flat to go to school. Because i was jelous of her living with those guys i tried to get to know them, unfortunately this did not work out so well, they did not want to talk to me, i also gave my share in letting them know in subtle ways that i'm not comfortable with the situation going on. At the same time the relationship between them and my gf was getting better and better, they started going out together until late at night, there were situations when i was unsuccesfully tried to call her to find out in a few minutes that she didn't answer because her flatmate was in her room... at two o clock in the night... At the same time our friendly relations started to fade, we didn't talk as much as earlier, instead she did that with them. About a year after i moved back with my parents, i got her to confess that she did cheat on me once (she made out with a guy in a club) but not with any of her flatmates, offcourse i am not shure if this is the whole truth. I told her that in this situation if she still wants to be with me she has to move out to another flat, she did that. Now she is living in a new appartment but i know she is still seeing them behind my back, they are making fun of me without her reacting. My question: Do i have anything to be mad at her ? Should i let it go or should i tell her to stop her relationship with them ? By the way english is not my native language so sorry if what i wrote is unclear, if so i'd be more than glad to clarify.

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