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Need Help!!!
Jan 27, 2011
Hey Guys, this is the first time i have used a forum for help so bare with me please.

I have been dating a Gorgeous girl that i met on a Dating site and we are going along really well. We have only been together for two months and things are allready getting very serious. Im not usually one to fall in love so fast but this girl has basically rocked my World and she feels the same way. We are talking about moving in together, marriage, kids, the works and although it feels so right i must say im a little overwhelmed by it all. It's not like i don't want these things with her, i really do but i just don't want to jump into anything im not ready for.

I haven't had alot of serious relationships and i certainly haven't gotten to the point with a partner that we are talking about marriage and kids etc. I have had self esteem issues all my life but prior to meeting her i came into a bit of money and bought myself new clothes, got myself a new job, lost some weight and was more confident than i ever was. then i met my partner...

The problem is me, ever since i met her my emotions have been one big rollar coaster and im having moments where the world is my Oyster and i feel i can do anything and then i have huge low's where i feel like im not worthy and i don't deserve her etc. We live a couple of hours away so we can't see each other through the week due to work etc. so we spend most of our time together on weekends. I must say im struggling with it and a classic example was she stayed at my house over the weekend and when she went to go to work on the monday morning i started getting emotional and started crying... Im not ashamed to cry and i think its a normal thing to do, but im not one to cry over nothing and it's not like i was saying goodbye for good or anything so this behaviour is concerning me. I know how unattractive a crying man is and i don't want her to see me like that but she has this way of making me over emotional and i don't like feeling so vulnerable. Im supposed to be the man and be the strong one that she can rely on and at the moment i know im not living up to that and that's gotta change or i will lose her.

I know this post is dragging a bit so i tried to be as brief as i could. I just basically want to know if anyone has felt like this in the past and is there anything i can do to feel like im back in control of my emotions so i can start being the man she deserves.. :confused:

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