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My boyfriend gets angry over anything. Sometimes I think he almost looks for things to get angry about. Then it leaves me wondering and examining the situation to see if I really did anything wrong. Heres a little overview of my situation.

- We've been together for almost 2 years. I've met his family twice. I've never met his friends, only the ones he works with.
- He lives with me and pays 1/2 the rent and does nothing around the house
(i cook, clean do his laundry, do the garbage...)
- He over reacts to everything, like me watching a TV show he hates, to how small our apartment is, to not enough sex.
- Hes off work 3 days a week and on his days off I only see him from maybe 2 hours before we go to sleep. He devotes hardly anytime to me, but when I go out on a sat we doesn't like it sometimes.
- When we argue he gets so hot headed, he has called me a C#%T, drives like an maniac, and rubs the fact that his job is better then mine in my face.
- He acts like every argument its either hes right or wrong, like winning or losing.
- When he's bothered with family or work stuff it seems like he takes it out on me.
- He'll read my facebook wall and bitch about posts. Where as his wall is hidden from me.
- We fight at least once a week.

I really am thinking this is all verbal abuse, I know its best if I left him. Like I am very relaxed, I hate drama or fighting. I don't abuse drugs or booze. But I am a bit of a neat freak! I just can't get enough balls to do it, and I don't even what to know how he'll react. When were happy we're great, I guess thats why nothing has happened.

So what I'm really asking is how to deal with this?!
Deal with this by getting out. It's verbal abuse at best. Him driving like a maniac when he's angry is one example of it being more than that. He will not change, and he treats you like this because he can. He knows he doesn't have to do his own laundry because you will do it, for example. That's very strange that he hides his wall from you and you've never met his friends - sounds like he's trying to keep you separate from another life he has. You need to get out ASAP. Do you have anywhere to stay for the time being, family or friends? Anywhere would be better than staying with him at this point. Any other advice than leaving him would be worthless, as there's absolutely nothing you can do to change someone like this, someone who believes he's never wrong.

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