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I would have thought by now things would have gotten better but that is not the case, my doctor is very encouraging and right at this time my virus copies are unreadable -- when I started they were 5,800.000. I always thought I was a strong person but this has totally knocked me backwards. After all this time I still feel sick, head hurts, feel very weak, but my legs really drive me up they constantly acke. I spend way too much time crying and as for my support group, my bf kinda just ignores me when I hurt or states I should be alot better by now. I have been forcing myself to do things but I am starting to feel more and more isolated and I always hurt, I hate actually talking to people, the one thing I really feel I need I can't have with me, which is my little dog. Disability sucks, but I am becoming more and more depressed all the time, yes I have been givin depression medication too. I lie to everyone saying my bf is great but where this is concerned he is no support at all, he spends more time angry at me because I am not doing as much as he feels I should, we are surpose to stay strong with this since it is only for a short period of time but I wish, actually I don't know know what I wish, I just know that I am really hating this:(

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