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[QUOTE=Larrylou'smom;4677597]I don't think your problem is that you miss the ex bad boy. The problem is that you're currently with someone you don't love, and you're trying to cram a square peg into a round hole because you think that's what you're supposed to do. I think there's a lot more to love than "he has a job, he treats me nice and he's home every night."

You know the ex bad boy was no good for you. But you had a biological, chemical connection that felt like love. You have no such connection with your current guy, and that's what you're missing. Now, you have a child with this man so you need to think long and hard before ending things with him, but I don't think you'll ever be happy with this man you're with now. Not because of the ex, but because you don't love him. You want love. Compatibility, connection, someone who eases your mind, warms your heart AND curls your toes. It wasn't the ex, and it isn't this guy. I think moving to the old town reminded you of the passion and chemistry you're missing. Some people don't need it all. Some people are satisfied with a partner who is stable, home every night, TCB kind of guy, and they don't need love or passion or chemistry. Some people do need it all, reliability AND the compatibility and passion and love. You need to decide which person you are, which person you really want to be, NOT the person you think you're supposed to be, and then do something about it. Like they say, only you know what makes you happy, and only you will be unhappy if you don't get it.[/QUOTE]


I think I was in a mess when I got with my current partner and he was friend with someone I know. So we exchanged numbers over the phone.
I then went through something tragic and he would chat to me and give me advice. Such a great friend.
Then I attached myself to him want more from than I should of really. He is a lovely guy but he just split from his gf of 4 years. Both of us was going through difficult time got together. He was still friends with ex and I had a feeling something was not right between them. Then one day he came to see me and told me they fell out big time and that was it.
So we did grow a lot closer after that but he couldn't say he loved me for ages and felt really second best. Back then I did love but then again it could be that I was such a mess didn't know. We have grown closer together and now have a son but things are not right and we have had so many problems.

He is not type of guy I am use too. I like to go out to clubs or be taken out and he did that at the start. Now he don't want us to spend not time together as a couple as I said everything is based round our son. He said he don't want to get married and feel like I am not what he wants.

I supppose problems now that caused me to think thing of this ex I shouldn't and feel this way towards him. Maybe it's just me and deep down he is a great guy shouldn't through it away because of me thinking of a past guy who really was not very good. Although he we did have a connection and he did make my heart skip a beat unlike my currant partner.

It's difficult for me to say well I will tell him it's over as we have a son together and now I do think as years have gone on he does love me but the problem is I don't anymore. Can't carry on living life like I have been pretending we are happy and we are not. Feel pressured to stay with me as people have expected us to break up and if I do they will be right I messed up the only really good thing in my life. I know there is other guys out there but will they treat me like he has and I surely don't know want to through it having these silly thought.

thankyou for your advice you have got me thinking.

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