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It was in a post on another board. He wrote about his fear of contracting HIV from his encounters with a prostitute.

Yes, I can see that going to a prostitute might be viewed as less harmful than conducting an affair, but it is still sex outside of marriage without your wife's knowledge. Plus the fact that the risk of STDs is there. I understand that you did attempt to protect yourself, but as you found out, that's not foolproof.

If you want to remain in your marriage you should look into other methods of improving it other than sneaking outside the marriage for sex. If talking to your wife isn't getting anywhere, maybe a third party (therapist) may be in order. Tell your wife that you want therapy so that the two of you can strengthen your marriage and save it. That is, if that's what you want. If you want to continue the outside sex, then the marriage would be best ended.

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