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Wow, my ex was EXACTLY like that. Woudn't talk to my friends and when I asked him how his day was at work he'd give me a one word answer. My friends said the same thing, that I have a lot of personality and he had none. He was borderline rude to them. He told me privately that they were all stupid. He never talked to his own family and complained to me that people just wouldn't mind their own business!

It didn't work out with us. I couldn't stand someone who only wanted to go to work and come home and hang out with me. No friends at all, and he didn't think I should have friends either. I had to break away. I am a social person and didn't want to sit home with him all the time. It didn't work out. Unless you want to spend all your time apoligizing to people for his rudeness, you should end it.

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