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I was in a serious relationship for 6 years and it was full of lies and cheating on my partners side for the first 4 years. This hurted tremendously I felt stuck. The last 2 years of the relationship i lied and i cheated....which people say 2 wrongs doesn't make a right and that is true. But in that case two wrongs made me feel alot better. I know now that i hurted him in more ways then he ever hurt me by doing the exact same things. But now im free and have been free for a little over a year now. I try not to look back into the past. There were good time and bad time but now its over.

Since the Breakup i decided to be single and enjoying not being committed to anyone. I have friendships not relationships. I am over protective of my emotions and feelings and try my hardest to not fall in too deep. I like friends with benefits....i guess thats what its called. I had 2 friends in the past year and things were good there was an understanding that we were friends and sex was sex.....apart of us hanging out. Now its over but i still remain just friends with both people...NO SEX!

In the last three months i have have formed a friendship with a guy and we hang out and spend time together and ofcourse sex together. We both have an understanding of friends with benefits! There is one issue one his part. He has a girlfriend. And i know this he told me from the beginning and we were friends no benefits for the first month of basically getting to kno each other.

I know whats right and whats wrong but what am i to do when im single and having fun im only 23. I think the fact that he has a girlfriend is his issue. Or am i being young minded, selfish and not holding my self accountable? Even though we have this agreement and its no serious feelings involved...should it continue to go on until we decide that its over? Should i end it because its wrong? Or should i continue because everyone does what they want to do?

Im confused.....

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