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[QUOTE=Kali333;4691845]I understand.
I'm a passive person by nature, and aggressive people tend to bulldoze me.
I back down the minute they start raising their voices.
I can be much firmer and stand up for myself a lot better in a text or an email than in person.

I think you did the right thing.
Have a happy wedding! :)[/QUOTE]

i can be pretty passive myself. if i would have called to talk to her, or spoke to her in person i wouldnt have gotten a word in or i would have been manipulated in some form and forgotten what i was upset about.

thank you :) my other bridesmaids didnt know her very well but after telling them briefly what was happening, they agreed with what i did and how i did it. i dont think someone that disrespected me over and over deserves a respectful goodbye. whether or not its the "mature" thing to do. personally, i dont really think it matters how you do it, as long as you get your point across.

[QUOTE=cryingforever;4691844]well i think you did the right thing. good on you. if she wasnt such a diffacult person you would have been able to tell her in person so i understand why you felt you needed to do it by text, i would have done same. she clearly doesnt respect you , so dont worry about her she will find someone else to latch on to and be 2faced about. have a fabulous wedding and i wish you well for your future with hubby to be :) x[/QUOTE]

thank you :)))))) i dont think i would have worked up the courage without help from this thread.

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