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Feb 23, 2011
Hello everyone,

My ex-girlfriend has had 5 other boyfriends before me and she is my first. She's 19 and I'm 20. She used to talk about her ex-boyfriends a little bit more frequently than I would have liked. She will bring them up in everyday conversation sometimes and even tho she's saying it innocently i just never felt comfortable hearing about them so often. She's was friends with almost all of them except for one of her really bad ones. But she even brings him up in conversation sometimes tho. She will tell me when she see's him on the road, or what he's been up to because she still communicates with his mom and after awhile I just didn't want to hear about him anymore.

One time at the beginning of our relationship she said that we were going to a festival and that one of her ex-boyfriends would be there. Although I felt a little uncomfortable I went with her anyway. It was slightly awkward for me because I felt like the third wheel to their conversations. and at the end of the night when we were back home she told me how she remembered how much she loved his blue eyes and made a comment on his body. That just made me extremely uncomfortable and I was kind of shocked by her saying that.

Sometimes when talking with other friends in my presence she would talk about another ex-boyfriend and say how hard she fell for him and that he was so smooth. She told me that that the way he drove his car was orgasmic and that the reason why they broke up was because he just wanted to have sex all the time.

Since she said all that I would get uncomfortable if she wanted to hang out with her ex-boyfriends with usually along with other guy friends. She had a lot of male friends and I was completely fine with that but the thought of your girlfriend hanging out with ex-boyfriends is an uneasy feeling on it's own without her saying all that about them.

Also she would always point out to me whenever she saw a guy who she thought was hot and normally that wouldn't bother me but she would never stroke my ego after saying it and she said it, again, a little more often than I would have liked. I'm a thinner guy and have trouble keeping on weight. I weighed a lot more when I had first met her but after awhile started to lose some and one day she told me that my attractiveness level lowered and that she didn't want to date a skinny fish. She said that she sees tons of good looking guys at her place of work and that she could get any one of them. She apologized that night for saying that but those words stuck with me the entire relationship and made me a little insecure lowered my self esteem .

So later in the relationship every time she would talk about how cute she thought another guy was or if she would want to hang out with ex-boyfriends or if she would bring them up in conversation I would get irritated but would never show it.

I admit I should have told her how I felt earlier on but I let it bottle up inside me I told her how I felt a little bit but after a while she just said that she didn't want to feel like she had to watch what she says around me or try to censor herself. She said that her ex-boyfriends are just friends now and I shouldn't feel insecure if she hangs out with them and as for talking about other guys she said that her girlfriends do that to their boyfriends all the time and their boyfriends just laugh it off. But I used to laugh it off too until she she said some hurtful things and also just how she went about saying it made me insecure.

There is a little more to the story but she had told me that she didn't want an insecure boyfriend but I never really felt insecure until everything started to pile up. She apologized for all those things but she said that i just couldn't let it go and I admit that it was hard for me to because all those words just stuck with me... So I guess I'm just wondering was her behavior acceptable? We just recently broke up and that was one of my biggest issues in the relationship. The day we broke up she had told me that she hung out with her ex and some other friends and that him and some of his buddies (who are also her friends) are renting a house together and was wondering if she would like to move in. her parents are moving so she needs a place to stay. But that just irritated and hurt me more to hear that. since we recently broke up i'm a little depressed and I'm just wondering If i could have been more tolerant and open or am I right in feeling the way that I do after all that was said?

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