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Well, here's an update. I feel like my life has turned into a soap opera. Needless to say the events I'm about to tell you have at least helped me acknowledge I should run away now while I can.

I believe he's just a sick sociopath.

On Valentine's Day, as I may have mentioned he loved me, cared for our relationship. Two days later he took a female from his support group out of town for a party. Told me the next day he was confused but didn't want to break up, that he's just impulsive. I ended it then. She decided wanted to stay with her boyfriend.

Then by Friday, he was crying to me saying he wanted to kill himself and was wearing makeup and seemed very unwell.

By Sunday, he was dating a 21 year old (he's 27) he had also met in group. He all of sudden was happier, and seeing things clearly. This girl is also friends with the other one he liked!? Red flags ladies, come on!?

So now I find all of this out. In the meantime he had been talking to me. Telling me all he knows is he loves me, but doesn't know what that means anymore, and that he feels like he's in a dream. That when he's out of the dream his heart breaks, and he cries, but he can't remember the last 4 years.

When I found out about the new girlfriend, I told him I was dead to him and never again speak to me. He responded with anger, then the you're wonderful, and I'm sorry I hurt you, it was never my intention garbage.

He hadn't even been single 3 days before dating this girl. He had even thought in the middle of those 3 days he liked someone else?

I am sick that the last 4 years of my life amounted to this. I am embarassed of how he portrayed our realtionship. Of course my ego is bruised, but it's so much more than that. I just have been so disrespected. I want so badly for him to hurt this much. I want karma to kick his ass.

Just thought I'd share this.

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