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You need to be very careful in this relationship because I'm afraid that you will get hurt in the end. She doesn't appear to be very honest. It's highly unlikely that a woman would stay in contact with a guy who abused her and violated her in that way. I'm not sure she is being truthful about that. If it is true, then why is she still in contact with him? For what possible reason could she have to stay in touch with him? Unless there are children involved (I don't recall if you said there were or not in your post), there is no conceivable reason why she should still be in contact with him, specifically due to her history with him.

I think that if you are going to continue this relationship, you need to insist that she cut off contact with him. Unless she can give you a valid reason (and it better be a good one) why she is still talking to him, she needs to cut him off for the sake of your relationship with her. If she won't do it then that tells you she cares more about him than she does about you. She should be caring more about your feelings than his at this point.

Whatever you do, make sure you keep your own feelings first. Don't compromise your feelings for her.

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