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'rape' is a sensitive subject. i have an idea why she didnt tell you who did it and when. sometimes people just like to keep it a secret. i too am a survivor of that and i dont tell anyone except my boyfriend and few close friends who did it as i just dont want to talk about it. maybe in time she will tell you. all i can say really is whatever you do dont push her to talk about it. dont stress about who did it and when. stressing wont change anything. always just let her open to you when shes ready. i am currently in therapy for it aswell as alot of other issues and my therapist told me that its going to take time for me to open up. just like it will with your girlfriend.

if i was you , i wouldnt mention it anymore to her. let her come to you or at least just say something like ''if you ever want to talk about what happened to you i am always here to listen anytime''. and maybe say ''whatever has gone on in your past it doesnt change anything here i still like you alot and would like to meet up again''. soft kind words is brilliant for a 'rape' victim it shows theres no pressure.

she probably will in time want to talk fully about it. did she have a drink when she said it to you? if so then shes probably just blurted out her secret pain as alcohol can make people open up more and some tell the truth. if she was sober then again she probably wants to talk but only bit by bit.
People say and do things whilst drunk that they wouldn't normally do. She could have just let it all spill out while she was drunk and then regretted what she'd said afterwards.

Whether or not she's telling the truth only she knows.

You should let this one go, you can't force her to talk about it if she doesn't want to, don't push her. She's not even your girlfriend and it she now doesn't want to talk about intimate parts of her life that she might not have dealt with properly then you need to respect that.

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