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To be brief because I don't know who to talk to, my husband sleeps at 5,6 or 7am, while I sleep before him, (not too early to "try" to get in some quality time. we have two young children. So I have to be up with them at 7am. by the time he's up at 3 or 4pm, im drained, he's slept through most of the children's day (they sleep at 7-8pm), and i'm exhausted and feel alone.

I hate going to bed alone. Even when we have a date night, go out and have dinner, or watch a movie, he'll "tuck" me into bed like a baby and then head to his man cave and go online or play video games. I've told him that I don't mind him playing in bed, bringing his laptop in bed, even watching tv in bed. I just want him to be near me. I also told him a million times how i hate having different times than he does. how unhealthy it is etc.

He's had a rough year but he's been like that since we got married, over 7 yrs ago. Its not what I like, I expect to be insync with my husband, sleep in bed together (Which will help out sexlife) and wake up at the same time. I don't remember when's the last time we actually had our morning coffee's together. its making me feel very distant. And the fact that a simple request like that (even allowing him to smoke in bed next to me) and he never follows through, makes me wonder if he really gives a damn? he promises he will change but some how comes up with excuses or says he's sorry.

I'm getting tired of this. Both of us are not working now. But I dont think he can have a job that requires him to be up in the morning and sleep at night.

I've walked into his "mancave" many times at 6am right before the kids r up to find him passed out on his chair infront of his computer (he also drinks and smokes weed).

I don't want to leave him because i do love him, i hope he loves me too but i can only take this for so much longer, we have two kids involved. I don't know what to do:(:(

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