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we have both always been busy people, but would have coffee together in morning, dinner at night and tell of our days, try to be together most of weekend. her daughter moved back a couple monthes ago (with child) they are together constantly. her girlfriend stops for coffee in the morning and i sit in room with 3 women that "tune me out" she says its the only time she has with her. her brother comes all day on sundays and again, its the only time they have together. her and her daughter will run everywhere together, at least every other evening and evenings she is home, they talk between themselves, they both talk fast and a lot, never pause or evan let eachother finish sentences. i gave up on interacting in a conversation. when her daughter goes to bed and we can finally talk, she falls asleep while i am talking. if and when her daughter isnt right there, she is on the phone , again, its the only time she talks to; cousin, nephew, brother, friends etc. if no one calls, she will tell me everything that went on since we spoke last, and NEVER let me tell her what is going on in my life. if we make plans to spend day together (not a conversation but a sentance or two) she ALWAYS has a small errand to run, she stops to see a friend and 3-4 hours latter she is ready for our time, then someone calls, girlfriends fighting with husband, brother needs someone to talk too, somebody needs a ride etc. its always somthing important. this has been an issue before but never this extreme. in the past she just said it was only a couple hours and that there are times she is home and i am busy. i wanted to tell her about it tonight so while we was eating, i waited for her to have a mouth full of food and told her i wanted to go upstairs early tonight. she agreed to go up when we finished eating. i said i was depressed and just wanted to go upstairs. she told me to get meds from a doc and i would be fine, thats what her brother does. he calls 2 minutes later, he is depressed. she talks to him for an hour (he has no one else to talk to) then her cousin calls, then her nephew, then a show she likes came on. we went up after that, she snuggled up tp me and fell asleep. how can i get her to see what she is doing if i cant evan get in a full sentence.

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