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Girlfriend Bipolar
Mar 14, 2011
Hi there I am going out with a women that I found out she had bipolar. She gets her moods somedays. Everything is fine now and 3-10 minutes later lookout. I always keep us busy and always doing something. We get home and it's like trouble starts like fights over little things. Do people with this disorder get like this. If so what do I do in a situation like this. Could someone please help me out here. Thanks...
[QUOTE=cryingforever;4711686]i have bipolar. it has been bad in the past. alot of people say leave a bipolar person as if no one with bipolar is worthy of a relationship and thats wrong. it can be managed with the right medication. mine is been managed and i am doing incredibly well and your girlfriend may need to change medication or a higher dose if they are not keeping her calm. it is hard work to be with a bipolar person, but its also hard work having the problem too. she is suffering also and alot of behaviour isnt real. bipolar people tend to do things or say things that they dont mean and dont mean any real hurt or harm. some bipolar episodes can be uncontrollable if not on the right medication. sometimes ya just have to go through a few before getting the one that suits you. well her.[/QUOTE]

Yes I nkow what you mean there. Thanks, yes she does just lose it just like that sometimes. I could say the wrong thing and watch out. I'm a person that likes to joke around and laugh and just have fun with life. Her on the other hand a little different. I could be laughing about this and that and her nothing funny about it at all. I have been a person that likes to be on the go and be busy with my life. I do have epilepsy and does not get in my way by means. She always says I understand your problem but you don't understand mine. Which is not true. I have read on the net about it and just seen what she has gone threw. I go on the Family & Friends of the Mentally Ill board and ask questions about it. I thank you people for helping me out here.

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