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BF no affectionate
Mar 31, 2011

My bf and I have been together nearly 6 years and he is not really the affectionate type. We rented this house for 2 years now and a year before we stopped having sex and a year into living in the house he didn't want sex. Before he said it was because we were living at my mothers in one room and lo was sharing with us. Then we moved and he was the same.
I use to dress up for him and to only be rejected by him and it mad me feel horrible. Like I am not what he wanted so stopped trying to get close to him.

Then we started having sex again and we were fine but now we not had sex in months again. I know he don't want me to get pregnant as I am not using anything but I would if he wanted to have sex but as he is not even loving or showing me physically love. It's not worth it.

At the moment we are going through stress and probably not best time to bring this up to him all I been making jokes tonight we seem like we are friends not lovers. We are a great team with our son running the house but no time for each other. He said we have lo now but he is 4 and we never left him only one or twice with family to go out on our own.

I suggested so many things in the past thinking he would change but he is not.

I have lately been thinking of this ex and it's not like I want him just miss the affection he use to give me. Just someone to hold which my Bf don't do.
He thinks he shoulds it by the way he treats which he does I know he cares and looks after me but truthfully he is like a really good friend.

But I don't even know if I am in love with him. Anyone got advice?

This guy from my past we were never serious just a fling. My bf was first BF I got serious with so when he and I got together we both going through things. I had a stillbirth at 8 months and he split for girlfriend he really loved.
Felt out of place though as I fell for him and he was still in love with his ex whom he was still friends with. We were friends before we got together. He was the one who said that he dreamt he kissed me etc.
After getting together I saw a text saying he still loved her. I had to hear about her all the time saw pics on pc etc. All this and then he came to see me and said they are not talking. As he claimed they were friends but I knew it was the case of her playing games know he had a new girlfriend and know he still loved her.
I suppose from then on I was felt I was never good enough for him. He was never affectionate but I did love him we had a great sex life. Infact he made me feel better than I ever felt with any of the past guys I been with as only 1really I dated for 6 months and can tell u I didn't love him at all which is a whole other issue.

I knew he was not cheating but I suppose I feel he could speak to other female rather that me. We had our son things were okay for a while then he would chat to this female friend all the time. Him and her seem to have like an emotional relationship I got really jealous of how he could sit for ages downstairs on the phone rather than spend time with me. If it was one day a week but it was getting like everyday all the time. Then I did a silly thing started chatting to this guy over the internet really trying to make my bf jealous. He did get very jealous. He was so mad felt I was going to leave him for this guy we nearly split up for good.
Then our relationship was very good for ages and I felt that we were back on track again. We decided to go live in a house next to my father and the year before we stopped having sex and it was like a year into moving to new house.
I just threw myself into this new house we started renting and him working and I just feel we were drifting apart again. He loves the pc and the same music chatrooms I was on chatting to this guy he went back on too. I deleted the site and I suppose I did say to him u go back I won't.
Then I thought back to this one guy and even though it was a fling I felt we connected and felt he cared about me. Then again now I feel stupid he was real bad boy.

So if being honest I probably do love him deep down maybe I just hate feeling as if I was second best. I do wonder what if he never fell out with his ex would he have strung me a long then broke up to go back to her. I have dreamt we split up and I use to cry about it. I should appreciate what I have and not look back.

We seem to be okay again as soon as I said I feel like we are friends he got the message loud and clear and switched and we seem to be okay. We still not getting intimate but I am not left on my own each night in bed while he is sat on this site on his pc. I guess this is as good as it gets.
We never got out as couple or family but suggested we do stuff together in the house when lo asleep like maybe a meal.

I suppose I was very childish back then.

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