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Yes, possibly you are exagerating your problem. Are you a homemaker (housewife)? Does you husband dare to tell you what to do around the house or does he complain that you are not doing it well? I guess not. So, at least, in your household, as far as chores are concerned, he should acknowledge you and be respectful and thankful. I know, I know, this is not enough. He should also respect you as a human being, who has a particular personality and character.

Maybe you two need counselling, but usually men are very reluctant to go.

I advise you to go on doing whatever you have to do (but not being a slave or a doormat, why not give him a couple of responsibilities too?) and expressing your opinion and point-of-view, without too much worrying about what he says and thinks. Don't take whatever comes from him too seriously. You are sensitive, and he is not. Ideally, you should become stronger and he, mellower. But you can only change yourself. He could also change, but it's only up to him.

If possible, find yourself a job or do voluntary work outside the home, so you can expand your contacts and increase your self-esteem.

You don't tell us about the intimate part of your marriage. Does his attitude affect your sex life? If so, you may really need the help from a professional.

When he told you to knock it off, maybe that was his way of helping you overcome your pain. He doesn't mince his words, unfortunately. He is not very sympathetic, but that is him. Try to find good qualities about him also.

I am not sure there are valid reasons for you to leave, but of course I am not in your shoes. If you manage to grow stronger yourself, maybe things will begin to improve for yourself.

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